Monday, February 27, 2006

Art and Computers

Do they mix?

I really don’t want to open a can of worms here but I do believe they mix very well.


For those that have the internet, especially in isolated areas; research for learning about their craft as well as the subject they are painting. Many libraries offer the internet free.

Painting digital or scanned photos onscreen as well as printing (this is the can of worms). For one reason or other painters are not all “Plein Air” artists and can be frowned on by some when a photo is used to create a painting. I personally like using both options.

An image of a painting on a computer monitor will often show up flaws that need correcting.

Marketing Tool; I don’t believe there is a cheaper way to reach the whole world.

Through websites and Blogs

eBay sales of prints or originals

Forums; don’t underestimate them! You will learn from many generous artist who contribute to the forums and at the same time you are promoting yourself as an artist. The two go hand in hand.

Creating your own pamphlets, logo, booklets, letterheads or what ever else you need. Yes time consuming but once the template is made, it is a lot cheaper than paying for a professional plus printing costs.

Email signatures with information about you are a great tool communicating with people. For example I would place my name, title (president, secretary or whatever), address, phone number as well as my websites at the bottom of the email. This should be done when using printed mail via the post office as well.


eBay purchases of bargain art supplies, books and equipment

Ease of buying art supplies from a favourite supplier while sipping a hot cuppa. I am a Pastelist and can testify to this. If you have ever taken a long shopping list of pastel colours and tones into an art shop and expect to shop in a hurry, it does not happen. The eye candy is gorgeous though when shopping in person and a great temptation to spend more….which I am guilty of but don’t get the chance to do it often.


With good technology now available for the home printers at reasonable costs, it is a cheaper alternative to test the market for images of artworks without a commitment to a large volume of prints.


It has to happen to all of us, receipts, accounts, letters, mailing lists, two or three click and it is sent to whom it concerns via the email or printed off for the mailman. Yes is may need the odd upkeep of these files but if the edits are done as they come to your attention, they don’t take long at all. Yes I know, painting is much more interesting and I would agree with you, I hate bookwork!!

No mistakes when reading ineligible handwriting with important correspondence. This is especially so when sending required information to organizers of exhibitions with price lists, titles and so forth.

Quicker responses by galleries and additional businesses that use email.

Takes all sorts:

Not all can afford a computer or even have the desire to use one. My own husband looks at them as if they are aliens from out of space. Some artists are fortunate to make enough from their sales to pay someone else to do the marketing for them. Some just like to create art on computers. In the end it takes all sorts of artist to make the world go around and yes art and computers can and do mix.

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