Monday, February 11, 2008

Marbles on eBay

Size: 127mm x 127mm
Support: Gessoed MDF board
Copyright Susan Borgas
For Sale

Well I am truly on a steep learning curve here with my first listing on eBay now available for bidding. I am at the moment testing the water to see how it all works and for this reason will only post to Australia. Well that is if I do manage to get a bid. wink

This painting isn't hot off the easel, but painted some time back with the idea of selling on eBay and ended up confused with the whole thing and shelved the idea. What I mean by confused is art sellers leaving eBay and selling their work elsewhere or privately through their blogs and websites. I am hearing that this has escalated in recent months. eBay fees do gobble up small profit on sales so I am going in with my eyes wide open without high expectations.

It is going to be an interesting exercise; one that you can watch with me or if you are an Aussie and like my work, you could be in for a chance of an original piece painted by yours truly. But first you have to make a bid! razz

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sunset on the Murray River

Sunset on the Murray River
Approx 47.5cm x 51cm
Pastel on Storm Blue Colourfix Paper
Copyright Susan Borgas

Yes I know it has been quite awhile since my last post and I do want to thank everyone of you for your emails and comments that still have been flowing in. I had to prioritize what was important to me and step back from deadlines (blog posts) that where in fact eating into my creative time to the point of destroying my urge to paint. As you know blogs are consuming to write and maintain, so much so that they encroach on family time as well as producing work. My health has improved a lot and after arriving home from a recent two week holiday by the beach I am ready to get stuck into some painting once more. Please don't always expect 'works in progress' as I have done in the past but I will post my new works as they are completed.

This commissioned piece that you see above had me scratching my head quite a bit. I did learn a lot from it and had to really think hard because the reference photo was developed from a film camera and was basically all black in the shadows of the background and foreground. I don't know about other artists but do find commissioned work more stressful to do as I know that it is often expected that the painting look like the photo. Well in the end when it come to the dark areas I put some music on and just went with the rhythm , using the darks pastels that I used in the sky and water and went for it.

The painting was commissioned as a surprise gift from wife to husband. They already have two of my oil paintings, one from my very early days, the second around the middle period. The husband was very emotional to receive this painting, because it was one that he had wanted painted for quite some time. The pair were very happy that I found so much to paint in the shadows and was a real relief to hear. I have to admit I got a real buzz out of it in the end.

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