Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sunset on the Murray River

Sunset on the Murray River
Approx 47.5cm x 51cm
Pastel on Storm Blue Colourfix Paper
Copyright Susan Borgas

Yes I know it has been quite awhile since my last post and I do want to thank everyone of you for your emails and comments that still have been flowing in. I had to prioritize what was important to me and step back from deadlines (blog posts) that where in fact eating into my creative time to the point of destroying my urge to paint. As you know blogs are consuming to write and maintain, so much so that they encroach on family time as well as producing work. My health has improved a lot and after arriving home from a recent two week holiday by the beach I am ready to get stuck into some painting once more. Please don't always expect 'works in progress' as I have done in the past but I will post my new works as they are completed.

This commissioned piece that you see above had me scratching my head quite a bit. I did learn a lot from it and had to really think hard because the reference photo was developed from a film camera and was basically all black in the shadows of the background and foreground. I don't know about other artists but do find commissioned work more stressful to do as I know that it is often expected that the painting look like the photo. Well in the end when it come to the dark areas I put some music on and just went with the rhythm , using the darks pastels that I used in the sky and water and went for it.

The painting was commissioned as a surprise gift from wife to husband. They already have two of my oil paintings, one from my very early days, the second around the middle period. The husband was very emotional to receive this painting, because it was one that he had wanted painted for quite some time. The pair were very happy that I found so much to paint in the shadows and was a real relief to hear. I have to admit I got a real buzz out of it in the end.

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Katherine said...

Welcome back Susan - you've been missed! I knew you'd be back - see I kept you in my feedreader!

I can well imagine why this painting means so much to its owner. Gorgeous colours and I think you've done really well with tackling the 'black hole' syndrome.

I do indeed know how demanding blogs can be of your time and they can threaten to take over at times if blogging becomes almost 'addictive'. I've found that regular breaks and time-outs help a lot. Overall, I've also found they help with my art in terms of keeping me focused - along the lines of I do less but think more. But it works in a different way for everybody and the big thing is to find your own way.

Good to have you back.

Rose Welty said...

Susan, so good to see you back, and what a piece to come back with - I can see why the husband was moved to tears! It's lovely.

Susan's Scribbles said...

This is absolutely stunning. I'm sure they must have been incredibly happy with this. Congratulations on a lovely piece.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Susan,

I was delighted to get your newsletter in my email box this morning!! I sure understand about the time .. I need to figure that out for myself!!

Beautiful painting!!

~ Diane Clancy

Robyn said...

Well you have been missed, Susan but this picture was really worth waiting for! What a wonderful mood. No wonder that bloke loved it.
Much as I enjoy your blog, if I have to make a choice, I'd rather you painted than blogged - as long as you share your paintings. :)

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks everyone, I have to say I did enjoy writing this last post up, which I have to admit the enjoyment has been awhile for me.

Katherine I do know what you mean about the addictive nature of blogging. I was being consumed in my head thinking about what to write in my blog and how to improve it rather than my actual work as an artist. These days the paintings that I am developing seems to take more of my time rather than the opposite. I guess that is because of my realist style and wanting to expand into more difficult terrain with my work and at these times I prefer to focus just on that job at hand. I just wish writing came as naturally to me as my art does then I might be able to keep up with you…..chuckle! I love to read your blog and today I am going to catch up with some posts that I have missed.

I have also noticed quite a few bloggers have stepped back from posting and like you I use a feedreader in the hope that they may start posting at a later time. :D

Rose & Susan The husband thought he was getting a holiday for his surprise gift and he said to me he rather have the painting. LOL

Diane When you figure the ‘lack of time’ out and how to manage it, let me know will ya! :D

RobynThanks for your understanding and yes I will share my work.

Terry Banderas said...

Murray River is an absolutely spectacular piece of work. The entire subject matter is so difficult but you pulled it off. Congratulations in showing us your talents. Hope to see more of you soon--and yes, blogging does consume a lot of time.

Susan Borgas said...

Terry thanks so much for your comment. I was quite chuffed how the painting turned out in the end.

laureline said...

Susan, I've missed you! This is a beautiful piece, so full of that lovely light you are a master at rendering.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

This looks like a river painting I am doing now

purplepaint said...

This is so realistic! I had to go to a larger photo to see if it was a photo or pastel! Amazing!

Laura F. said...

This is gorgeous! I'd lost you and was going through my Arty Blog list on my own blog. Hope you're well.

Susan Borgas said...

Good grief, it wasn't until the last comment of Laura's that I realised that I hadn't thanked the previous commenter's and I do apologies, because I do appreciate the time that anyone puts into visiting and commenting. My life is busier than ever and spasmodic with the time that I spend painting. It seems that I am painting flat out with little time for anything else then flat out with other things and no time for painting. But hey my cup is well and truly full so I really can't complain.