Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Art Gallery - Wilpena Woolshed

I have caught up now with many of my chores that needed doing after arriving home so it is now time to concentrate more on my art. There are three commissions to paint of which will not be shown as works in progress as I would rather not have the pressure of show and tell on the internet while working on them. Two are oils and one is a pastel. I also will be working on other things while waiting for paint to dry and of cause these will be shared with you.

Somewhere in all this I have to do the farm GST bookwork…… grumble grumble………As many know I hate bookwork!!!

Three photos below show the Wilpena Woolshed and my paintings hanging on the wall. The woolshed belongs to National Parks, hence the artist have to make sure that we do not add to the demise of the shed by further damage. The holes in the shed iron are actually sealed with clear filler so that our paintings are safe from the elements. It is truly a wonderful experience working as artist in residence under the roof of this woolshed. The tourists get a real kick out of it as well.

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