Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get Out of that Car!

Quenching Water's of Wirreanda Creek
Approx 47.5cm x 68cm
Pastel on Terra Cotta Colourfix Paper

Copyright Susan Borgas

(The blue is not quite right in this image but the best I could get at this time)

I don’t know how many times I have traveled near this spot and never appreciated what is really there. This is permanent water fed by a spring. The surrounding area doesn’t have much in the way of tall trees but there is plenty of salt bush heading off into the distance. I always find the floating algae interesting, especially when it is aging, because of the varied colours and textures that it becomes.

Here in Australia it isn’t unknown to travel quite some distances to reach destination. Time often does not allow us to pull over the side of the road and walk with a sketchbook in tow or a camera bag slung over the shoulder, but instead I have quickly park the car and taken a snapshot from the side of the road for reference to work in a studio. After awhile it isn’t quite so stimulating to paint something that is seen time and again, although these paintings often sell quickly because tourist do recognise those spots and want to take it home as a reminder of their trip.

See what is around that corner!

My husband and I are parking our vehicle more often now and walking up or down a creek bed or climbing that nearby hill. It is a good way to find new material to paint, as well of course some exercise tossed in as well.

I am happy to say that I have now sold Water Course, Wilpena Creek.

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Jennifer Rose said...

Hubby wants to go back to Australia one day, and he does tell me that it does take a long time to get from point a to point b :p

Susan Borgas said...

He would also know that the scenery does change quite a bit as well, so no boredom while traveling. ;D