Thursday, March 23, 2006

Butterfly Pastel "work in progress"

Work is 47.5cm high x 68cm wide.
Storm Blue Art Spectrum Colourfix

The Wanderer Butterflies are in my garden in profusion. I decided to well and truly move out of my comfort zone and have a go at painting these beautiful creatures. I may end up with “egg on my face” with failure but know I will learn something new at the same time.

I have spent quite a bit of time at the drawing stage as well as made a tonal map to give me an idea of the direction I would like to go. My ideas are not set in cement though will give me some guidance.

Hopefully the last of the daisy flowers in my garden will last long enough to see this painting out, as I am often picking them for reference.


Kim Denise said...

We call them "Monarchs" in the US. They look exactly like your photos below...I wonder if they're related? Any lepidopterists here?

It's fun to see you trying different things, Susan...encourages me to do the same!

Susan Borgas said...

Hi Kim, the common name for the Monarch here is wanderer. The species is all over Australia, hence the reason I chose the title. I found a bit more info about them at these two websites. Seems like the species is a well traveled butterfly. I think this butterfly painting is going to be an interesting journey for me yet :)