Friday, March 31, 2006

Butterfly Pastel "work in progress" Completed

I have now reached my “More look than put” stage. I am undecided if I should do anymore work on the foreground or leave it as it is. I really don’t want to draw anymore attention to it so I am thinking the less it is worked the better.

I did touch up the two bottom daisies where tone was bugging me between petals. I also added more blue to the shadow on the bottom daisy.

The remainder of the butterfly was completed. I concentrated on light showing through the wings to bring them to life. Without the light they tend to be flat in colour.

The body of the butterfly I scraped the merest touch of pastel to depict hair. This helped to give the body more contour as well.

Mmmmmm….. more look than put!!! Is it finished? The next posting will be on my website, which will show changes that are done, if any at all.


Lucky-1 said...

I have really enjoyed watching this painting evolve. Beautiful:)

Susan Borgas said...

Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it :)