Monday, September 04, 2006

Golden Wattle - Workshop

The Golden Wattle at the moment is flowering profusely through the area that I live so why not paint one at a workshop and the York Peninsular group that I taught Saturday did just that. Even though we did work indoors from a photo we were lucky to see a Golden Wattle flowering through the windows. If the scene had been appropriate for the class I would have discarded the photo and painted this wattle. I did tease the class that I planted it twelve months prior so that it helped them during class….of cause I heard the appropriate noises when I told them this……chuckle.

The structure of the workshop was I demonstrated a step of the painting with the group gathered around me. They then returned to their own painting with me helping where necessary. I am a great believer that it is easier to teach by showing a step, student do the same on their own painting, then demonstrate the next stage, student again and so on. It gives the learner a chance to absorb information, apply it instead of getting confused with worrying with what they are going to do next.

I have to admit two days would have been desirable when teaching a workshop though the time wasn’t available with this group. If the time had been allowed the fine tuning of the students paintings would have helped them to take their work that much further.

To the York Peninsular Art Group; I do salute you! You are a great bunch of artist and thanks for letting me practice my teaching skills on you. I know I gained a lot from the experience.

This is my demo painting that I did in front of the class. I did do some fine tuning today on the wattle and grasses with possibly more to be done. The sky has not been touched since the workshop.

Paper: Art Spectrum Colourfix
Colour: elephant
Size: 280 x 335 mm

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