Friday, September 01, 2006

Tutoring a Pastel Workshop

I think I am all set now! Tomorrow I am tutoring a group of artist in my favourite stomping grounds under Mt Remarkable near Melrose in the Southern Flinders. This will be my first workshop that I have taught and quite excited about it……mmmm….. the nervous tension may kick in now that I have time to think about it.

I am only aware of one student using pastels before though they are not new to painting. Rather than the students buying pastels they will be paying a fee to use mine. This allows the students to then decide if they want to become Pastelist without spending many dollars on pastels that they may never use again. Of cause I had to buy extra sticks for there to be enough for the students but not concerned really, as I am always in need of more pastels myself. This will not be the last workshop by any means as the pressure is on me to teach. There are three other workshops that are in the pipeline, I only have to say “when” and they will then be put on the calendar.

Well I better go and recheck that all is ready for tomorrow. Also I mustn’t forget to print off my teaching procedure as well so that I can concentrate on teaching rather than what I am supposed to be saying next.


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