Thursday, August 31, 2006

Exhibition Preperations

Today was spent in the office compiling a mailing list for the Painters of the Flinders Ranges exhibition that begins with an opening on the 16th of September at the Wilpena Woolshed at Wilpena Pound and running for a month. The mailing list is long but there is room for more if you would like to attend. This will be the fifth year exhibiting at the Wilpena Woolshed.

These jobs, which are one of many, are not particularly my favourite pastime but at the end of the day if I want to sell paintings, it is part of the cause.

During the time of the exhibition I will be working as artist in residence as well as sales person along with other members of the network that will be rostered on at different times during the exhibition. I am lucky enough to have the freedom now (perks of getting older) to stay in the area until the close of the exhibition. My husband Malcolm will also be able to spend more time with me during the 4-5 weeks, because our son and his partner are now helping to run the family farm, which will free him up from some responsibilities.

Last year I spent a little over two weeks at Wilpena during the exhibition; hence this year will be a test case for me with the length of time away from home... interesting times ahead; maybe I won't want to come home at all... chuckle

Links from the Flinders Ranges area:

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Bart said...

But..... but... what about this blog?? :-0

Susan Borgas said...

With a bit of luck I may get the odd posting done using the internet cafe. It is expensive though so posting will not happen daily. :D