Monday, August 07, 2006

Ancient Red Gums near Melrose "WIP"

Work is 47.5cm high x 68cm wide.
Elephant Art Spectrum Colourfix

Golly it seems a long time since I used my pastels. So far I am enjoying this painting though do admit that I am jumping all over the paper with no real plan in mind with pastel application. I do know what the final result will look like so for now that is all that matters.

Once more the scene is from one of my favourite stomping grounds in the Southern Flinders, near Melrose in South Australia. I decided to do this one as I have sold Willochra Creek, Melrose that I had painted originally for a major exhibition that I am involved with. There will be no water in the creek this time as I felt exhausted after my last effort when painting Rawnsley Bluff with reflections and transparent water. I often feel as if I have painted two paintings at the same time.

Until I stand in front of this painting tomorrow with a pastel in my hand goodness knows what part of the paper will be covered next. If you want to know what I have done come back again and check things out; it just might be a total mess!

pastel, landscape, Flinders Ranges, tree


Lucky-1 said...

I really enjoy watching these paintings come to life.

Susan Borgas said...

Thank you :)