Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ancient Red Gums near Melrose "WIP" seven

Even though I worked on this painting yesterday I didn’t post as I ran out of natural daylight. After today’s effort I am not sure if I am finished or not. I need to put the work aside for a couple of days and come back with fresh eyes. Oh yeah; I am open minded about critique from others if there is improvements that can be made.

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Laura said...

This is lovely. I'm glad you've kept it fairly simple, since I do love the drama of the branch shapes and negative spaces. I think, though, that the righthand tree needs just a bit more modeling. It looks a trifle flat. Maybe that's a function of reproducing the image for the internet, though. It might not look flat at all in person.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Laura as you have picked exactly the problem that many have pointed out to me. The image does exaggerate the flat area but all the same that area does need more work done on it.

It is great to have so many sets of eyes critiquing my work, as it gets the work into a frame that much quicker. I often know there is something wrong but can’t figure out what until there has been a break from it. Ask another viewer/artist and I get answers to what is wrong a lot quicker ;)