Friday, August 18, 2006

Ancient Red Gums near Melrose "WIP" five

I have been spending a considerable amount of time trying to eliminate reasons that my laptop keeps turning itself off. Of cause this then cuts into my painting time. The gremlin isn’t related to heat problems nor does it seem networking issues either as the laptop still decides to go belly up when I am not connected to my network or the internet. It maybe a hardware problem; to isolate the trouble isn’t going to be easy. At his request I emailed a diagnostic log to my computer doctor to see what he can find. It would be great if an updated driver will fix the issue; be even better if with the snap of fingers we knew which one.

Now to my pastel painting. I have done some more work in the foliage through the central area. I am looking for darks and lights plus cools and warms. I want plenty of zing in the foliage and pushing the colours will do that. Many of the leaves that are about ready to fall to the ground are often bright red or orange with the sun showing through. The mistletoe hanging off the trees also adds a lot of colour. It is a shame that this parasite gets out of control with the tree struggling to live. I do not want start a debate here but if you want more information, it can be found at the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries . I would suggest that there are many more sites that also offer information.

I am getting off track again with my thoughts……In the foreground I have scraped thinly Indian red over the paper then rubbed it into the grain. This will be a nice complimentary to the greens that I lay over the top even if little is left to show through.

Ok that is it for now……. I am off to get my washing in off the clothes line then start organising my evening meal.

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