Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My day off

I had time out for myself today and loved every minute of it, as I felt like I was running out of energy with my art: Been a long time since I have closed the doors to the studio from from myself.

I didn’t waste my time altogether. I added another Lens to my Squidoo, which can be viewed by clicking on Artist Links.

I mentioned earlier in my blog about my laptop being sick. Yesterday after some research I found out what the motherboard model was and updated the Bios in the hope that it would solve the problem but alas no. I have never pulled the laptop apart before and convinced it was a heat problem switching it off, proceeded to do just that last night. The fan was very dusty and after cleaning it thought yep I have fixed it. Maybe I had but didn’t run it long enough afterwards to find out. Anyway today I found another website instructing further cleaning that should have been done and oh dear did I find some yucky bits. All done and the computer has been running for three hours without any problems with software that normally shuts it down. The computer is much quieter as well with the fan not running flat out. Touchwood all is now well…… hope I haven’t jinxed things now by telling you all…….stay tuned!!!!

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