Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tess the working dog

Last Noverber I nearly lost my finger when I caught by wedding band on the striking plate on a door frame. Thinking about that I realized Tess, the pup that I spoke about at that time will be 12 months old at the end of September. If you look way down the page at Sue’s Musings you will see a photo of Tess when she was only a baby along with the original story of my finger dated 19th November 2005.

Well it is time for a grown up photo of Tess and here she is. She is like a tornado when she gets around; only one speed and that is flat out. She travels on the back of the farm ute to check the sheep with her master at the wheel. She is funny to watch when she jumps onto the ute as not one part of her touches the sides of the vehicle when she flies through the air. Most dogs would jump up and grab the sides of the vehicle to aid themselves onto the ute. At the same time it gives them a clear view of what is there before heaving themselves onto the bed of the vehicle. But no not Tess, she has to find out the hard way and may end up on the top of anything that is on the back of the ute.

She is just too strong for her own good and can create comical things happening. Not funny though when she collects my legs when she is running fast and then all of a sudden realizes she has miss judge the distance when trying to put the breaks on. At times it makes colourful bruises on my legs.

Even though she has a lot of energy she has been easy to train. Hopefully by the time she reaches the age of two she also will have slowed down a bit….. chuckle. Puppies are also a possibility sometime in the future and of cause they will be posted here as well.

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