Sunday, August 13, 2006

Laptop Stand

I said in a earlier posting on my blog that our son and his partner are now living with my husband and I. Shaun is a metal fabricator and yesterday when I mentioned that it would be handy to have my laptop elevated above my work trolley he instantly had the ruler out measuring up ideas and implementing them into a plan and now the job is completed.

The three photos show you what my set-up now looks like. What started off as a steel hospital bedside cupboard that I purchased from a clearing sale is now a very workable area.

My husband some months back had made and attached a top with an edge to it so that my pastels did not roll off. This made the top surface of the cupboard twice the original size. The cupboard is easy to move around as it is on castors. With the addition of the elevated position for the laptop I now have more room. It also keeps the laptop away from some of the pastel dust that did concern me would eventually clog it up.

It is very handy having a husband that works with wood and a son that works with metal. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh yeah…..not a lot of painting is happening but when I do get a chance I add some colour but not enough that I felt it was worth posting.

Laptop stand 1

Laptop stand 2

Laptop stand 3

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