Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Squidoo - Makes life easy!

I have often wondered what would be the best way to index my Works in Progress on my blog so that they can be easily found at a later time.

As a frequent visitor to Making a Mark; Katherine Tyrrell has solved the problem for me. Until I read her blog I never knew about Squidoo. Katherine is now using Squidoo and she explains what it is all about at her blog. If you are interested please visit and take a look as she explains some of the how’s and why’s she is using it. The thread is Squidoo - a new approach for my links

I am listing three of my own “Lens” in this thread below that I did some work on yesterday evening as well as a tidy up today. More is planned for the future and will be listed in the right column of this blog.

Arts and Stuff
Work in Progress - Pastel
Works in Progress - Oil

Nothing to post with a WIP today though I am sure that the above will give you something to ponder over.

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