Friday, August 25, 2006

Beta Blogger

Are you using it?

I have been thinking about going away from Blogger for some time now. The breaks are now on with that thought, as now Blogger is moving forward with some great ideas and now putting them into action. I noticed that I can move my old blogger over to the new system but not quite ready to bite the bullet yet and do it.

To test out this beta version I have started up a new blog called Little Paintings to show you what I mean at my new blog.

The labels that really are tags will be a very handy way for visitors to be able to find subjects that they are interested in. I have used one called flowers

I may make further changes to colour, fonts and general layout but for now I just want to be able to keep an eye on what blogger are doing and can do that by actually having a beta blog.

Bet I gave you something to think about now. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Bart said...

O Great Susan! You are saving me a lot of time.
Thought about changing over to the new blogger but decided to wait and see what happened and how it worked. You made the seeing part a lot easier! Looks good btw.

Susan Borgas said...

I just went hunting on your blog and realized that you knew about it. I must have been sidetracked when viewing my Bloglines or another possibility it may have been when the laptop was shutting down so often. I would imagine that the links in the right side column in the older version of blogger will be lost when I transfer over. I will make a backup copy of my template so that my links are not lost, as they will not all be place in my Squidoo Lenses.

Perhaps we could toss a coin as to who goes first with the change over Bart. The other then can learn what not to do….chuckle

Bart said...

"Heads".... (said with a shaky, uncertain voice).

Susan Borgas said...

Bugger..... can't find a coin so that lets you off the hook..... LOL

Bart said...

pfffffffff... Thanks Susan...
It's looking good!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Bart... heart in mouth at the time but seems ok now. Not sure how it affects some browsers but someone has to do it! :D

Bart said...

Looks good in Firefox and IE. Can't see a difference.
Good to see that the brave beta bloggers themselves already can comment on other blogs using their own profile.
Suppose the poor left-behind old blogger users can soon do so as well.

For some reason I could publish my last comment as being logged in in my blogger account, doesn't work this time.


Susan Borgas said...

Thannks Bart is is good to get that feedback...Because of the comment issue I had concerns about changing to the new system. Leaving the "note" at the top of my post until it sorts itself out does invite blogger's to continue posting and I do welcome them to do so at the same time leaving their blog site information. I don't believe there is any real drama though with the change over. From my end it makes life a lot easier and saves me a lot of time for future postings or additional information in the sidebar.

Ramendranath Sahoo said...

A nice Blog.

I want a help from you regarding how to add a sitemap in beta.blogger. Please help. Earlier my atom feed was After switching over to beta blogger what will be my atom feed to submit to google

Susan Borgas said...

Ramendranath I am sorry about the delay in responding your question but I have been away from my computer for a number of weeks.

I presume you have worked out the atom address, as I loaded your feed at the bottom of your blog?