Sunday, August 27, 2006

I have switched to Blogger Beta

Phew and it didn't break!!!

After saving my old template to a word document so that I could quickly grab any HTML/JavaScript that did not transfer to the beta version, I am now up and running. Gee it only took seconds to happen with very little to do afterwards. The buttons plus my counter were the only items that did not move to the beta version.

I am using a different template to my original one and now all colours are consistent across my blogs. I did tone down the colour of the links as they were very strong on the black background. Also I didn't want the links competing with my images.

I have tagged/labeled some of my threads. More will be done with time. I would imagine there is going to be quite a few updated threads showing up in Bloglines from tagging and I apologise for that but will make it so much easier for visitors to browse my blog. Also it gives you a chance to click on a tag in the left column to see what happens.

Now I must concentrate on getting some painting done over the next few days; was rather fun playing around with my blogs though.

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Katherine said...

Oh goody - I was waiting to see somebody else's first before I tried - and you're the first! But then you are a day ahead of me (teehee!)

Susan Borgas said...

Chuckle...... it would suit you Katherine with all the extra information that you provide..... very quick and easy to add groups of links without using the template to do it. The same with your map and other HTML/JavaScript items.

Madelaine said...

Looks great! I've been playing around with the new blogger on a 'test' page. I'm not quite brave enough to try it out on my main blog yet.

Doris Joa said...

Hi Susan, your blog looks great. Really. Love it a lot. And so many informations here. I have never heard of Blogger Beta, but you have made me thinking, and I hate this. LOL Would like to spend this time on painting instead of thinking about new Bloogers. But I am always curious, about trying new things, so I will look more in this Blogger Beta, to figure out, what is better etc.
You have a great blog here and also this one with the mini paintings I love very much. And your work is great. I cannot say, which is my favorite, but I will visit you often now. Have a nice time. Doris

Susan Borgas said...

Madelaine, I have to admit I chewed the idea over for awhile before I did get game. I am so far very happy with the ease of use.

Doris, thank you for visiting my blogs and yes please do visit again. Do try a test blog to see what you think of it. It also makes it easier then to understand any tweaking that you may need to make so that you quickly can get your page looking as it is now.

Please make sure that you save a copy of your template so that you can copy and paste any data out of it into your beta blog. For example maps, buttons and any other items that may not transfer.

In the File section of Firefox I also did a “save as” of my blog page that is open so that I had a visual reminder of what it looked like. It seemed to help me get things back as they were that much quicker.