Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rawnsley Bluff "WIP" ten

Right from the start I do apologies for anyone that is on dial-up as there is four photos for you to have a look at plus I was supposed to post images yesterday. That didn’t happen as I have been spending some quality time with my daughter and her husband who visited for the weekend.

The reason that I am posting macro shots of this painting I want to show you that many of the marks applied are not as carefully applied as one might imagine in this painting. I will use everything and anything to get different effects. The sword play is using a long rigger that has plenty of paint on it; dotting dashing and swilling around on the canvas. Using a painting knife with a thin layer of paint on it I scrape across the surface of the canvas; once more leaving dots and dashes behind. Use the point of a knife to pick up two or three colours of paint then apply for larger stones. Use a short haired brush the same way as a knife to make stones. It then avoids the creek having the stones looking all the same as if rabbits have left there calling cards behind. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Once I am sure the paint is dry enough I am going to glaze a purple shadow up the bank of the creek on the bottom right. This will be a transparent glaze as I have used in different parts of the foreground already. I doubt that I will be posting it back here though will add it to my website.

So there you have it, until the last two recent paintings it has been some time since I have worked with oils. I am already thinking about my next painting, which will be a pastel landscape.

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Bart said...

Wow, you have been spending some time on this one. With a great result!

My very favourite part is the orange refelection on the branch of the tree, Love it.

Your methodes sounds like painting to me (and your writing inspired)!

Thanks for the W.I.P.

Susan Borgas said...

Bart thankyou so much. :D

I love to capture reflective light in the trees that I paint.

It is strange not to have a WIP to post at the moment or to write about.