Thursday, July 27, 2006

Flinders Sunset

Gee I miss posting to my blog regularly. I have been so busy with bookwork for the family farm that by the time evening comes my brain just isn’t in the mood for story telling.

Today was different though with appointments and shopping at Port Pirie, one hours drive away. The sun was nearly setting when we pulled up at our back door to unload the groceries. I was watching the sky for colour and knew that it was going to be a spectacular sunset. Like a mad woman I ran inside my home, grabbed the camera, back outside and ran over to the paddock west of our house. Thankfully I did not full flat on my face.

I loved how the suns rays were reaching for the sky between the clouds with this one.

Click image for a large view.

Sunset, Southern Flinders

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Bart said...

Wow, a beauty! Those rays are fascinating.
(The small trees to the right give a nice sense of perspective)

Susan Borgas said...

Yes I was very lucky with this one :D