Thursday, July 06, 2006

Elder Range, Central Flinders "FINISHED"

The light isn’t the best today for taking a photo but did want to post today.

I feel that this is now finished though as usual the work will sit for some time before framing it just incase I see something that needs altering.

A close up shot will give you more idea of the texture in this painting. One thing I did do that may not be altogether noticeable I faded off the contrasting colours on the right side of the mountain so that it heads off into the distance more.

Elder Range, Central Flinders

close up of Elder Range

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Bart said...

Nice Susan!
I think the wide composition works well with the subject. I like f.ex. the placements of the trees in the middle ground. The well painted open foreground gives a feeling of space, eventhough there is a lot going on in the painting.
Interesting to see that there apparently isn't too much difference between your works in oil or pastel, or is there?

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Bart :)

I was very happy with how it all worked out in the end.

I took up pastels when I was impatient waiting for oil paint to dry four years ago while working towards an exhibition. Because I work with layers with both oil and pastel the work does tend to be similar. I don’t get confused then….wink

Laura said...

This is lovely!! I struggle so much with my paintings--your process is so smooth and serene. How do you do it?? It is as though you have the finished painting fully in your mind when you start. In any case, I admire your work very much.

Susan Borgas said...

Laura I think because I know my subject matter really well helps. I do quite a bit of preplanning as well though sometimes willing to go off track from the original idea if necessary. I do see the finished painting in my mind before I even start :D