Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rawnsley Bluff "WIP" eight

Thought I better post an update before anymore additional work is done on this piece. The water is now taking shape with very little left to do on it other than perhaps some tweaking of the reflections of the trees. I am very happy with the area of transparent water.

I still have the right hand side of the creek bank to work on yet plus the limbs in the trees. Also the middle ground trees on the left still need some branches and twigs.

With some of the brush strokes I must look like a swordsperson waving the brush around with the arm stretched right out. That is what I have been doing on the banks of the creek when applying tones and textures. Rather fun!!!

Central Flinders

Technorait tags: oil, landscape, art, artist,landscape artist


Merethe Torbergsen said...

Wow, stunning work...the details are amazing...Been waiting for the water, and it's stunning! Well, I expected it to be... :)

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Merethe :D

As I have worked in the office today I never had a chance to work on the painting. Hopefully another update tomorrow. I will also organise a close up shot as well.

Mary said...

This is a gorgeous landscape. The relexions of the water are almost photographic, they are so realistic.

Susan Borgas said...

Welcome Mary. Thanks for the lovely comment.