Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The Elder Range painting is so close to the finished stage that I decided to refrain from posting it today as a follow up will not show a lot of the additional changes. If nothing interferes with my plans the painting will be finished tomorrow for you all to view on my blog.

Today it is seven months since I started blogging and has become a way of life for me to talk about my work. I actually do find posting to my blog motivating to keep working whether it be painting, drawing or what ever comes to mind. If I don’t there will be nothing to post here and we can't have that!!!! :D

Prior to my own blog I knew very little about the blogging side of life. I have now found some very interesting artist blogs. Two that I will mention here are both completely different from each other and always look forward to their postings. The first one is Laurelines and the second Making a Mark.

There are many blogs that I do enjoy and more will be shared with you in the near future.

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JoyceB said...

Amazing how the blog can become so much a part of our lives! Congratualtions on 7 months!

The Elder Range is beautiful... If we win the lottery Australia is at the tip top of my list of places I have to visit...

Laura said...

Thank you, Susan, for mentioning my blog. I always enjoy seeing your work--it is fascinating to watch the development of each piece! I'm glad you've discovered blogging!

Susan Borgas said...

Joyce winning the lottery is often my own favourite saying to do this or buy that :D ...I think it would come as a shock if some money did come my way...chuckle

Your welcome Laura!!!

Kim Denise said...

Thanks for recommending these blogs. I knew about Making a Mark...but Laurelines was new to me, and I love it!

Blogging is starting to grow on me too...I'm nearly at the seven months mark myself, and I'm enjoying it more and more, as well as finding it inspiring to keep working!

Susan Borgas said...

I love to read other artist blogs as I find them motivating and inspiring to do well myself.

Laura is one cool lady so glad you have found her blog now. :D

I always look forward to postings on your blog Kim so hope you are able to keep them coming.