Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007 edition of Arts and Stuff Carnival


Welcome to the August 14, 2007 edition of Arts and Stuff carnival.

I am so pleased with the entries I received for this carnival with more artist submitting a post. I have to admit there were plenty of music posts as well but unfortunately this blog isn't about promoting music. Nor is it about art that may offend my readers so those that do, they are wasting their time and should submit to a carnival more appropriate with the subject matter. wink

There will be more carnivals on this blog but I am not going to list the new date just yet. The next two months this blog will be sadly lacking in posts although once it is all back to regular posting, I will announce a new carnival date so please be patient with me on this matter.

So there you go; any artist out there reading this you will have plenty of time to put a post together and submit it to my carnival. It is VERY easy to do! carnival submission form

Art Creativity

Vishal k Bharadwaj
presents Vishal vs Apartment posted at allVishal.com.

Lexi Sundell presents Creative Explosion posted at Energies of Creation, saying,
"A rollicking post about a creative explosion of pixels as the images of my acrylic floral paintings are repurposed in an obsessively enjoyable new project."

Matt presents Build your right-brain playground posted at EverydayChange.com, saying,

"Kickstart your creativity by building a "right-brain playground!""

Harriett Hilton presents artistic musings: Myspace As Artistic Expression posted at artistic musings, saying,
"An article about how the urge to create is so strong people will use unexpected tools as a new form of expression."

Lucynda Riley presents Fall Mini Pumpkin Wreath posted at A Crafty Nature.

Digital Art

Diane Clancy presents Studio Artist Demo posted at Diane Clancy's Art Blog, saying,

"This is a 22 step creation of a digital painting in Studio Artist to show you a demonstration of how to use this innovative art program. Each step show the digital image at this step so you can easily see this process."

Miscellaneous Art

Ryan Haigh
presents Affordable Artwork posted at The Big Chase, saying,
"BlueFlip art is a website that features a great amount of prints from talented artists at an affordable price."

Neil Ransom presents Protests and Painted Walls posted at Kate and Neil's Official Website, saying,

"What do you get when you add politics, teens, and an endless supply of cheap spray paint? Find out in San Cristobal, Mexico."


cest.la.vie presents Recently finished: 'Away From Me'. posted at creative evolutions, saying,

"This is a new blog, and I will be using it to post completed paintings and track my own evolution as an artist after a recent career change. For now, I would like to share my recent work: "Away From Me"."

Lexi Sundell presents Summer Awakening posted at Energies of Creation, saying,

"This painting of glowing sunflowers is celebration of summer light before fall comes to take the gardens."


mctiller presents Screencast Photoshop Tutorial: Making Black and White images out of Color images posted at MCT Images, saying,
"A screencast tutorial for making black and white images out of color images in Photoshop."

My pick for non visual art

presents Holding On and Letting Go posted at Everyone Needs Therapy, saying,
"Uh oh, it's not visual art, but it is stuff and no doubt, entertaining."

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harriett said...

Ooohh, this edition if full of neato blogs!! Thanks for including me, Susan, and thanks for hosting a very good carnival!!

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome Harriett and hope that you have an entry for the next carnival when it comes around....will be approximately two months time. Cheers! :D

dianeclancy said...

This is an incredible collection! Thank you for sharing it with us!

And thank you including me in this Carnival! I am very excited!

Have a great vacation!

~ Diane Clancy

Susan Borgas said...

Glad you like it Diane and do hope that you contribute to the next carnival.

Not long now and my husband and I will be leaving..... just made my last post. Cheers!

therapydoc said...

Thanks so much for including me. I'm going to check it all out right now and link back to you, too, in a post tomorrow.

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome Therapydoc and thanks for the link back. Cheers!

Vishal K Bharadwaj said...

Thanks for including me in this carnival. Wow, there are a lot of interesting links here -- it's an honour to be in such company!

Hmm, it seems I forgot to put in a description with my submission. 'Vishal vs Apartment' is a short post with a couple of pictures about how my mother let my creativity run wild as a kid... in a very unusual way.

Great links, Susan, and have a nice holiday!

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome and yes I had a great holiday. :D