Thursday, August 16, 2007

Willochra Creek, Southern Flinders ll - Revised

Southern Flinders RangesEven though this large work was received very well the one thing that held it back from being sold was the cool greens. The scene in the Southern Flinders were at the time very fresh with new growth; it still wasn't what the viewer really wanted. I have now revised this and made the changes to add warmth to the scene. Still a 'green season' but not so many cool colours that it originally had and have to admit that I like the revised version better myself.

Well tomorrow is the day my husband and I will be leaving for our holiday, hence no post for awhile on this blog. We are also blessed with continuous rain today and because our family farm is well and truly looking for moisture for the crops, I will not complain about trying to do the final packing when it is so wet underfoot. wink

Also my Arts and Stuff with Susan Borgas website is now up to date. Gosh I hope that all the links are working properly because making a site easy for you to browse does require some extra effort on my part.

If you are a regular visitor to this blog or even a new reader and like what you see it would be ideal to subscribe to my blog by email updates or RSS feed alerts so that you know when I am posting again. Don't know how? I have written a post here that will help you out.

On that note I will raise my glass to you all and hope that you are back with me once this blog is back to regular posting once more. Cheers!razz

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Anonymous said...

Have a great holiday Susan, look forward to your return.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks *wave* coming at you! :D

Katherine said...

Have a wonderful break Susan - you have packed some art materials haven't you?

I like the warmed up version better as well. Isn't it odd how people respond to colours in different ways?

Susan Borgas said...

Yes a small supply of art material will be taken although I don't think I will get a chance to use them because we will be constantly on the go....I may need to come home for a holiday yet! ;)

Yes the warmer version is much better. Probably warmer colours are a little more inviting when it comes to the Australian landscape.

harriett said...

Oh no, what will I do?? I guess I'll have to step away from the computer & create!
Have a fun time!!

Susan Borgas said...

LOl.... have fun Harriett creating, and yes I will certainly have fun :D

Oh I am having a real burst of excitement is REALLY happening. I have always wanted to do this trip for years and years!!!...Woo Hoo!!!!

dianeclancy said...

Have fun! have a wonderful time! I will be eager to hear when you return - about your adventures.

~ Diane Clancy

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Diane :D The count down is now on with us leaving in a little over an hours time. Cheers!

Madelaine said...

Have a great vacation Susan!

Susan Borgas said...

I had a fantastic time Madelaine with my head now swimming with new ideas to paint.

Katherine said...

OK - tomorrow is a month!
Are you ever coming home?

Susan Borgas said...

After a hectic week home I once more head off for three weeks working at Wilpena Pound with my major group exhibition for the year. My blog should be back to normal posting other than a few days towards the end of October for my sons wedding and the birth of my daughters child around that time, which will be my first grandchild.

Some normality would be great in my life so that I can concentrate on creating and talking about art!:D