Monday, August 06, 2007

My daughter who has a camera exactly like mine decided it was time that I had some photos of myself while working at the easel. Picking up my camera she did exactly that and this is one of the photos that I found when I downloaded my card to the computer.

When I pulled this pastel out I decided it needed some more work done before framing it for the up and coming exhibition. I am much happier with the final result because before it was lacking the darks in the foreground.

My regular readers would have noticed that I have been spending quite a bit of time away from my blogs. This will continue leading up to when my husband and I leave for the Northern areas of Australia. It will also mean that while I am away, this blog will not be updated.

Some of you may remember from an earlier post that I wanted to learn how to put 'home movies' onto a DVD. Well I have been doing that with quite a few hiccups along the way although progress is happening. On that note I am off to start a new project and while the computer is busy converting and burning my next home movie DVD, I will be busy in my studio touching up another pastel.

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harriett said...

Good to see you posting again! Welcome back!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Harriett.... I am struggling to come up with something worth posting at the moment. So much to do and little time to do it all isn't helping matters.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Sue,

I missed you - but understand. It is fun to see you at work. You know what I first thought you were saying? That when you downloaded the images you found a photo of the exact spot you were painting.

I thought the painting was a photo. It really, really looks good!

Good luck getting ready. And you still have a carnival coming up, right? I got up my courage and put in an application.

~ Diane Clancy

Susan Borgas said...

Diane you are balm to me ego....LOL

Yes there is a Carnival coming up. Thank goodness the website send a reminder out to me when it is due (14th August Aussie time) or I may forget to do that post. It is great that you are participating. *thumbsup*

Katherine said...

Let me know when your videos are ready.

I've invested in a new tripod and I've found my remote control for the camera!

Susan Borgas said...

Tripod, camera and remote seem to be the next logical step to show the world what we do when working but gee it is very time consuming and I haven't even done any editing of the family videos that I have played around with just to free up tapes.

I still have more to learn in this area. I am also using software that I am not sure if it is compatible with my computer or if my DVD burner has problems itself with many failed burns with the same type of file. I guess I can always make coffee coasters out of the failed discs or hang them in the fruit trees to scare the birds away so that I get some fruit this coming season...hehe

I have had success with the Windows Movie Maker but it does have limitations. I also am not sure if the quality is as good as it can be either as the DV file are much smaller than other softwares that I have come across. The conversion rate to be burnt on a DVD is much quicker but like I said I do question the quality although it is one that I can burn to my DVD disc without any problems.

For now I am going to leave this project until October when I may have a bit more time up my sleeve. Thankfully a family member was able to buy a fistful of tapes at a good price for my up and coming holiday.....eek we leave Friday. gosh where has that time gone!!!