Thursday, July 26, 2007


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The Painters of the Flinders Ranges exhibition that I am involved in will be held in this large shearing shed near Wilpena Pound in September. It is not a working shed anymore and belongs to the National Parks. It is hired out for a range of functions; the exhibition being one of them for a period of four weeks.

This photo was taken last year and as old as the shed looks it makes a very good venue to present our artworks representing the Flinders Ranges. It is really great listening to the positive remarks as visitors walk through the door. Even though the shed hasn't had sheep pass through it over a number of years, the lanolin smell from the wool still remains.... oh and the sheep poop aroma as

Tess arrived in the mail safely from New Zealand Tuesday just in time for Malcolm's birthday yesterday (Wednesday). Malcolm was thrilled to receive this gift with plans to frame it as soon as he has finished cutting out moldings, mats and glass for myself. Wendy if you are reading this I can't thank you enough for your effort that you have put into the drawing of Tess. What I see on your blog is what I received and can recommend your work to anyone that wants a portraiture of their pet.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! :) I'm so pleased Malcolm loved Tess, and that she arrived so perfectly timed too, phew! :D I'd have been panicking if I'd known it was that close hehe :D And thankyou so much for the lovely things you said, I enjoyed working on Tess so much and it really means a lot to know she's with her family, where she belongs! :D

Susan Borgas said...

Tess is all now framed Wendy and have a photo of it ready to send to you via your email so that you can see the final result. Everyone that has seen your work can't believe what you can do with coloured pencils.... it has been a fun to educate people that they (pencils) are not just something that we use as children. ;)

Anonymous said...

And she looks so beautiful all framed up too Susan! :) hehe it is funny once you know all about artists pencils to remember that we used to use them as kids but I still get that from anyone new who see's my work LOL!

Susan Borgas said...

One day I will give the pencils a go. At the moment I am building up my pencil supplies and now need the time to put some serious thought into using them. *thumbsup*