Sunday, July 01, 2007


Something a bit different to what I have done in the past when showing you a 'work in progress' (WIP). These pastels that you see here are what I have used on Water's Path - Willochra Creek.

I Said I would post images of my pastels in this thread at WetCanvas so decided to post larger photos here on my blog because there is a limited size for the WetCanvas Forum to view and will point them to this post.

On completing the pastel work the first image shows the pastels that I was constantly picking up and putting down in a given day. They are resting on soft foam in a pull out drawer of my easel. The foam is also used to wipe the pastels against to keep my colours clean. These two images show you all the pastels for my last project that I did use.

I am right handed and this second image displays my pastels that are on a trolley to my right. Usually what I do is at the end of my days work, give a final wipe to the pastel on that piece of foam that you see in the bottom left and place in the plastic tray (recycled from supermarket) for a fresh clean start at the easel the next day. In other words there will be no pastels left in the drawer as you see in the first image. The white charcoal pencil was used to sign my name. The dark shape at the back is kneadable eraser, which I knead while working to keep my hands clean. It is also handy for erasing mistakes when I am working.

Now all I have to do is give a final clean to the pastels and place them back into their special boxes for another day when I start a new pastel project. First though I am going to finish the grisaille that I started some time back.

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Vyoma said...

Nice to see a snapshot of your workflow. :)

I guess I am more a chaotic kind - no organization. Need to mend my ways. :P (or stick to digital medium).

harriett said...

I've nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award! Check out my blog . . .

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Thanku great hints for me.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I am going to down load this and put it in a file Pastels are hard to handle and these tip make it easy for me.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...


Susan Borgas said...

Vyoma I didn't show you what the rest of the studio looks like.... it is what I call organised chaos, lots of mess but I know where everything is....well I think I do. ;-)

Harriett Thanks for the "Thinking Blogger Award". I will get my 'thinking' cap on with that one and make a post.

Lloyd That is great that you are finding value in the tips.
I will at a later time place the WIP in a PDF format and post it on my website. I will alert my readers to this on my blog once the PDF file is ready for download.

Katherine said...

Nice post Susan. Always good to see other people's working methods - you've just earned yourself a spot in my weekly round-up (due 8th July)

Susan Borgas said...

Katherine I love to look at artists workspace myself and my guess is there are many creative people out there that are the same.

I am chuffed about earning another spot on your weekly round-up.... thanks! :D