Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tess and Secret Art Business

Tess - 8x10 inches on drafting film in coloured pencil -
Copyright - Wendy Prior
With permission by Wendy Prior to publish on this blog

In my last post I mention that Wendy Prior is using a reference photo from my SnapShots blog and drawing a portraiture of Tess with coloured pencils on drafting film. Wendy has given me permission to post the completed drawing here and hasn't she done a magnificent job! Pop over to Wendy's post called "Tess, completed" and click on her thumbnail to see a larger image of Tess and while you are there, leave a comment as I am sure Wendy will appreciate it.biggrin

My husband Malcolm was quite taken with Tess's eyes when I showed him the first stage of Wendy's drawing asking if there was any further updates as each day passed. With this the idea came to me to buy this portraiture of Tess from Wendy if she hadn't sold it as a gift for Malcolm's birthday later this month. Thankfully I was in time and Tess will be posted tomorrow to my sons address so that Malcolm doesn't find out. Just as well my husband doesn't surf the internet nor use a computer or he will find the emails Wendy and I have been sending each other as well as Tess plastered all over the internet. lol

Yes Tess is plastered over the internet! Take a look at these two threads at WetCanvas and you will see what others have to say about this coloured pencil drawing.
Gee I nearly was caught out as Malcolm just brought Tess in to see herself on the internet. Bit of quick thinking to bring up a image without Malcolm reading any text going on here.....phew and he was so busy trying to keep Tess calm that he didn't get a chance to see Wendy's post before I clicked on the thumbnail of Tess so that the large image came up.eek Did Tess see herself? No she was so busy trying to get my attention that the laptop was ignored. wink

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Anonymous said...

Awww thankyou Susan! I really am SO pleased you love Tess :D She's becoming quite the star isn't she? And she doesn't even know it! LOL that Malcolm nearly caught us out, phew! I hope we manage to pull the big ruse off! :D

Susan Borgas said...

The poor man will have some reading to do once I hand over the gift to him so that he can catch up with what went on. LOL!