Monday, July 16, 2007

Stone Jug - Sketch

jugI have always referred to this item as a stone jug. Maybe it is pottery but one thing I do know it is a great shape to draw and has been part of my kitchen for at least thirty years.

There are some highly skilled artist out there that do incredible work using charcoal, carbon and graphite, not necessarily all together.

J. D. Hillberry is one of these artist that I honestly thought the drawings were computer generated using software like Photohop until I started reading the tutorial properly. There is also a second tutorial by J. D. Hillberry here as well.

Do you know of any good online tutorials using charcoal, carbon or graphite? If you care to share them please leave the links with a comment in this post. biggrin

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Lisa B. said...

Mike Sibley offers a Studio Tips section on his website for pencil artists.

Susan Borgas said...

Lisa thanks for that link....gee there are some beautiful drawings on that website.

Mary said...

Susan, I love your jug, it is an excellent drawing.

Michael Newberry has monthly tutorials although they touch different problems in all art mediums. In his mentorship program he always starts his apprentices off with pencil thumbnails and a large charcoal drawing on Rives paper.

Susan Borgas said...

Wow Mary that link is fantastic! I will certainly be going back to look again and again. The A Manifesto video is worth watching.