Thursday, July 19, 2007

Business Card

Business cardA new business card was on the agenda for today with pamphlets and other administration work yet to be done for my main exhibition that is held at Wilpena Pound each year during September with a group of artist. The focus of this exhibition is promoting the Flinders Ranges and of course ourselves as artist but gee there is a lot of work involved leading up to the opening.

Why do I need to start so soon? In a months time I will be heading off with my husband and a caravan in tow to Central Australia for twenty five days along with four other people doing this same tour. After this trip there will be a week home then three weeks will be spent as Artist in Residence at Wilpena Pound.

This blog is going to suffer because of my work load as there is also farm administration work that I have to do, which means spending time in the office. SnapShots will fair much better over the next month because I do have many photos to share with you.

Somewhere in amongst this I want to free up some mini video tapes for our trip and yet to learn how to go about this as they still have our previous holiday still recorded on these tapes. Oh and tidy up a couple of paintings plus frame works that are waiting to be done. My husband and I both do my framing and because we are fussy we do spend time making sure the final product is presented the best way possible. I also have to pack for the weeks I will be away from home as well because it will be more involved this time as we are tenting as well as caravaning when our camping party heads into Central Australia.

Getting back to the business card you are seeing a front and back view. Yes there is two different email addresses with a default one for 'info' that has an auto responser when making inquiries while the other one does not have an auto response attached to it, which can be a little friendlier for those that stay in contact with me.

I laminated the cards although I printed a few off that do not have the text on the back and left these free of laminate. I will carry these in my pocket at all times during the exhibition so that I have something to write on, for example an appointment or some other information a potential client may need. The laminated cards will be left on a table along with all the goodies us artist provide to the tourist who visit our exhibition.

So there you have it; hopefully my head wills stay above water and I won't go around the twist in the mean time trying to get all my jobs done.razz

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harriett said...

Gonna miss you, but have FUN!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Harriett, I will miss the contact with my readers but yes once on the road it will be a lot of fun.

dianeclancy said...

Congratulations! That kind of work can be very time consuming! 9as you know I know)

Have a wonderful time! I too will miss you - but you will have a great time.

~ Diane Clancy

Susan Borgas said...

Diane your own business card turned out so well that you motivated me to get on with mine. *thumbsup*

With my post not so regular prior to heading off on our holiday it has given me an idea for a story out for that one! :D