Monday, July 09, 2007

Chambers Gorge Rock Pool "WIP" nine

Finely a long overdue update for you to scrutinise. Having never used this grisaille technique before I have to admit to being out of the comfort zone, especially when working on a painting of this size.

The addition
of flora as well as glazes over the water area is now starting to really breath life into the painting that I can now see the long awaited finish line approaching.

The image colours are not quite correct with the reds coming through a little strong on the right as well the shadow colour in the rocks are brighter than they should be. In real life it does look much better but with a dark dreary day here for photos and wanting to post to my blog; this photo is it for today.

What next? More glazes along with flicks and dabs to refine areas that need attention, so until then I have plans for another update tomorrow..... grrrr and watch out who ever gets in my way of this happening! twisted

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Mick Moore said...

To the uneducated, the capture of the water reflections in a painting is clever.

Susan Borgas said...

I lot of planning goes into it Mick and each painting with still water is getting easier for me, although this oil has me out of my comfort zone.

Vyoma said...

Getting you out of comfort zone makes you better. :)

And on this piece - I am not sure how I would have approached it. The angle of the rocks, and how it slopes up to the small hill - and the flora. It is a good capture of a un-interesting terrain under un-interesting weather conditions and making it look great in the artwork.

dianeclancy said...

This is absolutely beautiful!! I love the feel of the colors and the scene!

~ Diane Clancy

Susan Borgas said...

Yes I agree Vyoma because it means I am learning something. :D
The Chambers Gorge area is so rugged and dry with the rock pools tranquil and a pleasure to come across. Hopefully that is the mood I have created with this piece.

Diane I hope you are not disappointed with the colours of the update as they are much closer to the real thing.