Saturday, June 30, 2007

Water's Path - Willochra Creek "Completed"

Water's Path - Willochra Creek
Copyright Susan Borgas

'Completed' is part of the title but as I look at my monitor I see straight away a problem with the reflection where there is a sharp edge of light just to the left of the large curled root. I think some movement of water to take that straight edge off would benefit this area greatly.

Since my last posting the area of the shaded stones and tallish grass to the right has been completed. Also the remainder of the right hand side bank that is in light has now had dry leaf litter and grasses added. Water is finished other than a little adjustment on that light area that I spoke about. Twigs have been placed in the canopy as well as any other minor adjustments that needed doing.

There will be no further images of this painting on my blog although a new photo of the work will be placed on my website just prior to framing.

To make it easier to find the steps to "Water's Path - Willochra Creek" from past postings on this blog, the links are below.

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harriett said...

Very nice!I wouldn't change a thing!

Vyoma said...

It is a photograph!

Great rendering, Susan.

Bart said...

Congratulations Susan!
A very successful work. Great depth in a well functioning composition and f.ex. a lovely light on the grass.

Susan Borgas said...

You guys are the best! :D

Bart I have to admit to concentrating more on the lights and darks with this pastel than I have ever done in the past. Maybe I have lifted the bar a little for myself with future paintings....time will tell! :)

Megan Bayliss said...

Try as I might I can't see the light you refer to. Susan, the painting is drop dead gorgeous.
Here via the Carnival of Australia.

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks for dropping by Megan with your lovely words about this pastel. As to the light; when I went back to the studio to alter the area I found that in real life it is fine. *thumbsup* :D