Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Water's Path - Willochra Creek "WIP" four

Progress is happening although slowly. This painting is all about the process and enjoying what I am doing rather than constantly watching the clock thinking about wanting to advance the work enough to post on my blog.

These close-up samples are an offering to you for your patience waiting for updates. wink

The scrubby area to the left of the tree trunk isn't finished but close to it. There will be branches placed in amongst the foliage yet.

Once I have all the areas caught up there possibly will be tweaks here and there as often is the case. Mmmmm....what area will I tackle next.....stay tuned on that one!

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Jennifer Rose said...

I love all the colours and textures on this. Thanks for the close-ups, it really helps in trying to see how pastels are laid down.

Susan Borgas said...

Jennifer Rose; please accept my apologies for my delay in replying to your comment. I have no idea why it slipped my mind. You are very welcome to scrutinize the close-ups and do hope they are of some value to you.