Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pastel Blogroll

Blogrolls for the most part offer quality links to blogs that quite often can be lost in the system. Blogs can also be hard for some internet users to find as not all are savvy seeking them out and for that reason today I am launching my 'Pastel Blogroll' on this blog so start scrolling down until you find it.

Many thanks to Katherine Tyrrell from Making a Mark, because it was your post called "The Pastel Journal's new blog" that prompted me to put into action what I had been thinking about doing for some time now. To quote Katherine from that post
"Maybe they'd like to start a blogroll on their blog for people who blog about pastels?"
Once the seed had been planted it didn’t take long for it to sprout into action on my part.

Because I don't want my sidebar longer than necessary a marquee will be used. It isn't ideal for visitors that are in a hurry nor do I particularly like the big gap from the end to the new start when displayed in Internet Explorer. The reason I have incorporated the text at the beginning and end, it allows you to catch the first and last link when using Firefox, especially if you are slow on the eye to hand coordination as I can be at times. When researching I have also learnt that many users don't understand how to use drop down menus so either way I don't think I will win. Because the movement of the marquee does catch the eye I decided I will go with it for now for something a little different and do hope it isn't too distracting when reading my posts.

Many thanks to Lesly Finn for sharing her marquee code with me. Also check out her "Tagged by the Queen of the World” post because she tagged me and you never know there might be a blog listed there that you haven't seen. Lesly has now been added to my "Tagged" post.

It will only be a matter of time and I will also have a blogroll for art blogs that I regularly read so watch out for that one.

So often my mind is thinking about a three column blog once more, as I have done for SnapShots only this time it might be better to have the two information columns on the same side so that visits can scan both at the same time....something for me to ponder about.

My blogroll will never be a link exchange, so please don't ask or you maybe offended when I say no. Don't get me wrong I am all for link love and that is why I started up a blog just for the purpose of exchanging art blog links. If you are interested take a look at Sue's Blog Links for your consideration. Some of these links may/will end up on my blogroll.

NOTE: I choose what appeals to me for a blogroll. Just because I have not chosen a particular blog for my blogroll does not mean the blogger isn't a good one.

What are you looking for to be listed on your blogroll?

  1. Consistency with what the blog is supposed to be all about although some deviation is okay.

  2. Make me want to read more

  3. Post regularly

  4. Honesty

  5. Sharing your knowledge

  6. Images; can't have an art blog without images and trust me I have seen them.

  7. Humour is good although not necessary

Well I think this post will give you plenty to read along with more blogs to investigate so I will leave you to it. Cheers!

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Susan Carlin said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I don't usually do that much work in a day, either. It was a personal challenge and an experiment to see if I could get a system for a reliable one-hour oil portrait... and I suppose it's still possible. After all, I only gave it one day!
Thank you again! I'll check back on your blog more regularly. Susan

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome Susan and I certainly will be checking on your blog. :D

Ps......Portraiture isn't something that comes easy to me and do appreciate what you are doing.