Monday, May 14, 2007

Arts and Stuff Carnival - May 14, 2007

Welcome to the May 14, 2007 edition of Arts and Stuff Carnival.

Art Creativity

Christine Kane presents How to Get Anything Done posted at Christine Kane's Blog.

myself presents Our Earth as Art posted at Acres Wild.

Lexi Sundell presents Creative Burnout From Unreasonable Customer Demands | Energies of Creation posted at Energies of Creation, saying,
"Burnout can result from unreasonable customer demands. The "Omigod Ring" reached ridiculous extremes in this category."

Miscellaneous Art

Lexi Sundell presents Regulating Puppy Energy Fields posted at Energies of Creation, saying,
"Integrating a puppy into a studio/gallery is a challenge solved by unusual energy work."

Ellen McDermott presents FINISHING TOUCHES posted at THE ART HALL.

Anja Merret presents William Hogarth exhibition at the Tate Britain posted at anja merret, saying,
"I was fortunate to be able to visit the William Hogarth exhibition at the Tate Britain."

Kathryn presents An Interview With Artist Judy Gittelsohn | San Fran Voice posted at San Fran Voice, saying,
"Interview with an artist who has just started a nonprofit organization bringing art opportunities to at risk youth and the developmentally disabled."

Michael Fowke presents Money is the way: Painting sells for $102 million posted at Money is the way, saying,
"I am interested in art, but this is just a humorous story about the prices some paintings can fetch."

Elvis D presents You Should Be An Actor posted at OneSmallWindow.

Michael Hwang presents Remikz: Starcraft Origami posted at remikz!.

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Lexi Sundell said...

Thank you for including my articles in this carnival. I have added links from my blog to this page to help promote the carnival.
Thanks again,

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Lexi and you are welcome anytime to submit a post to my Carnival. Cheers!