Thursday, May 24, 2007

Love my Widgets

Computers without power just do not work and these outages have been happening quite a bit over the last 2 1/2 weeks in my local area, yesterday being one of them hence a delay in getting up a post about a new widget that I have been playing around with.

This widget all came about when Katherine Tyrrell from Making a Mark sent me a link for a relatively new blog called Tips for New Bloggers asking me to have a look at it and instantly took a liking to how this blogger explains in simple terms tweaks for blogger. Katherine has written about this blogger, which can be found here. Also she has some interesting news about Google and Blogger that is worth taking note of.

Well I am addicted to widgets and love to see what they can do. I think I need a blog just to load widgets up to display them to the world but then again I need another blog like a hole in the head.

I spotted a "JavaScript for Quote of the Day" at 'Tips for New Bloggers' and instantly thought it would solve an idea that I have been thinking about but didn't know how to avoid extra work each day with my blog. What is this widget I hear you impatiently asking? "I'm not telling!!! Ouch!... you twisted my arm enough!" eekrazz

Ta da: Pastel Hint of the Day. Scroll down and check it out in the column. Tell you what I could write many posts in the time that it took me to remember all what I have learnt over the years and add them to a daily hint. Hints maybe edited if I think they can be improved although for now I do hope some of you pastel people find what is there useful.

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bizwhiz said...

Oh beautiful and ingenius. Will let people know how the code can be varied to something like yours. Thanks!

Susan Borgas said...

Many thanks to you for making it so easy for me. Cheers!

Jennifer Rose said...

That is a really neat add on for your blog, I don't use pastels very often but and hints or suggestions are handy for when I do :)

I could spend hours on that site trying to find things to add to my blog. Its a great link :)

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Jennifer it was fun to mess around with and glad the link is of some value to you... shame it intrudes on our time that perhaps should be used elsewhere ;-)

dianeweb said...

I love widgets too! It is so much fun to see something on someone else's blog and figure how to do it.

~ Diane Clancy

Susan Borgas said...

Diane thanks for visiting. I am off to have a look at your blog now. :D