Sunday, May 13, 2007


Katherine Tyrrell from Making a Mark has tagged me. How it works I tell you seven things about myself that most people don’t know. I then tag seven people to do the same and ‘they’ mention who tagged them in their own blog post, as I have done my mentioning Katherine’s name with a link.

Update: Lesly Finn from Pastel and Paint: Lesley Finn's Art has tagged me since posting here. I hope you enjoy what she has to say....... I know I did!

So here we go…..what little secrets can I tell you all…..mmmmmmmm

  1. Many moons ago when I was a very young kid I remember hugging a tree branch from underneath when all of a sudden the limb broke. I fell to the ground while still hugging the branch and wandered if I was ever going to be able to breathe again because the wind was knocked out of me. When I could catch my breath I didn’t dare go to my dad for sympathy who was telling me not to climb the tree before hand because I knew I would end up with a sore backside as well for punishment. Now young adults, my own kids take great delight in telling me stories of mischief they used to get up too

  2. I grew up in the outback of Australia and used to say to my grandmother that I would marry a farmer because it was as much civilization that I wanted and I did! No I did not run around the countryside looking for a farmer to marry; it was something I did not recall until my grandmother reminded me when I did wed my husband.

  3. I like a ‘see food’ diet although not always the ideal diet for the waistline!

  4. I rarely play a computer game but give me a ‘software or hardware problem’ or ‘how do you’ question related to programs and I just have to solve it – alas not always successfully.

  5. I am a Chronic Fatigue sufferer but hey I choose to not let that weakness rule my life…..anyway it was the reason that I took up painting in the first place because it gave me peace of mind. To this day I am protective that my art does not become an unpleasant task and take that peacefulness away. Because of this I will step back some days from my art responsibilities and ‘smell the roses’.

  6. About a week before starting my own blog I had little knowledge of what blogs were about. I like to think that my writing skills have improved since my first post.

  7. I can not tolerate spiders of any shape or size and the hairy ones are the worse. My husband (Malcolm) once chased me with a huntsman spider to the point that I became hysterical and screamed. Thankfully he realises he does not want his eardrums puncture and now does not get his kicks out of scaring the sh*t out of me by chasing me around with a spider. Um one night he did wonder why I was belting him up while I was still sound asleep….. yup even dreaming about spiders I can’t stand them!

Ok here we go, now I am going to tag seven people if they also would like to play. Hopefully when checking your blogs, I didn’t miss a post that you had already been tagged.

  1. Bart Westgeest from I landscape blog who from my very early days of blogging has been a faithful commenter on my blog.

  2. Robyn from Have Dogs, will Travel blog who has some wonderful sketches and a variety of other posts.

  3. Rita Woodburne from Purple Tastes Good blog; a coloured pencil artist who’s work I do enjoy.

  4. Madelaine Fedorowich from The Art of Madelaine blog has been a favourite of mine for a very long time. Check out her Lighthouse Park WIP that she is working on. I am watching closely myself because I am using the same technique on my large oil.

  5. Linda Blondheim from Landscapes from the South blog is a tireless poster and generously posts tips.

  6. Karen Margulis from Painting my World blog is a wonderful pastel artist that I have admired for her beautiful work.

  7. Penny from My Boots and Sketch Book blog is about an Aussie artist who I only recently found and do enjoy reading because it sometimes sounds so familiar to my own life.

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Katherine said...

Great post Susan! I 'knew' that bit about the software/hardware bit though - I recognised the symptoms from some of your blog posts and my own behaviour! You've been a great help with my blog when the template has been acting up!

I love this tag thing. You get to find out all sorts of things about people which make people more 'real' and also get a set of links of people who you may or may not know. I think you've got one there that I've not come across I'm now going visiting!

Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Katherine, it was rather fun to do. I know who to ask to help when I can't solve a problem on my own template ;)

There are a lot of nice people out there is the blogging community and have to admit always on the lookout for more to visit. :D

Penny said...

Thanks Susan, I was tagged on my other blog this week too!

Susan Borgas said...

Not to worry Penny, there is bound to be a blog missed who has been tagged. I am off to check out your 'other blog' right this minute. :D

Plein Air Florida said...

I'm not sure how this works. Thank you for tagging me. I tried to create a link and it was put on another blog. I'm on the road right now ans so tired I can't even think straight :>)

I will be back in the studio in June, so if you feel up to it, You could drop an email to me and tell me how to do the tag thing.

Your computerly challenged friend,
Linda Blondheim

Robyn said...

Susan - I'm delighted and honored to be tagged by you! I loved reading your 'secrets'.
It's amazing how often even our nearest and dearest don't realise just how serious a phobia can be. I've learnt not to divulge mine too often and only then to people understand that I could literally die of fright. No it's not snakes or spiders - I'll rescue people from those.
Now for the difficult task to find seven favourite bloggers who haven't already been tagged!

Bart said...

Thanks for tagging me! :-) ...
Ok, I accept, but 7 people? I hope I can find that many(untagged)who might be willing to play along! Now, let me see...

(Important point, this nr. 5, I hope you indeed take care of it.)

Susan Borgas said...

Linda I should have remembered your trip away. I would understand if you choose not to play unless you want to get the momentum going once more for tagging other blogs. I will be in touch when you are back home.

Robyn it was a pleasure to read your post and did gather some more rss feeds to add to my already long!

Bart this tagging business certainly spreads like wildfire. :D

les lull said...

I was a skeptic about this tag thing. I would never stumbled across this blog if it hadn't been for Bart. Pretty cool. I will add your blog link on my blog if that is cool with you.

Susan Borgas said...

Les thanks so much for your visit and yes the link is fine. I have also put your link up on my blog that I have for artist. You never know you may find some more art blogs to your liking there. Here is the link.

Tagging has certainly increased the blogs that I will be following. Perhaps no time for painting now. ;-)