Thursday, May 31, 2007

Water's Path - Willochra Creek "WIP" five

Moving on from the previous post my next stint on this work had me putting in a few twigs and timber in the mass of foliage to the left of the large tree trunks. I then moved down to the base of that collection of growth and attached them to the ground so that the group of trees and shrubs were not floating.

Progressing in a downward direction I worked on the bank of the creek at all times thinking about the light striking on this area. As so often these days my thoughts are constantly thinking about how the light effects the shadowed areas. They are NOT a mass of the darkest darks because of the reflective light that bounces around in them. There is a softer shadow in amongst the darker areas where a little more light finds it way through the growth of trees above. I also have in my own mind that the shadows further away from the object throwing the darker colour is softer than right up against it. For example a tree trunk shadow will be stronger near the base than the part of the shaded area that is further out.

Ok enough prattle about shadows.... back to the bank of the creek. As I did on the right hand side of the bank I worked the left hand side with my pastel stokes following down the side of the slope. In nature when there is rain, the water would run downwards into the creek with tiny little water courses and find that by following the banks downwards with my pastel strokes helps to imitate what nature does. Of course nature doesn't always play fair so I tend to help it along at times as well. twisted

I have started placing in the middle ground to the right of of the large tree trunks so my guess is when starting work today that area will be continued on with.

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Gayle Mason said...

Susan, thank you for sharing your progress, this is going to be a spectacular work. I am now thinking of trying a landscape myself, well I'd maybe add a small animal.


Susan Borgas said...

Thanks Gayle...... I can just imagine your dogs jumping in a creek of water ; perhaps a scene for you to paint LOL!!!

PS.... my daughter's Sheltie gets into a mess on a wet day on the farm here. Now that will have my readers wondering what I am talking about; they will now need to head over to your blog to find out ;-)

harriett said...

Thanks for taking the time to show your WIP, and giving detailed explanations of your process. I am a new reader & am enjoying your blog. One can never know too much!

Susan Borgas said...

Harriett thanks for visiting my blog and hope that my WIP's are helpful to my visitors. I only recently found your blog so expect me to be watching. ;-)