Thursday, May 17, 2007

Water's Path - Willochra Creek "WIP" two

Believe it or not there is three hours done on this work today...... slow as I am it will hopefully mean less mistakes to be fixed.

Studying the shadowed side of the tree that has been worked on today I may darken it slightly by one or two value in some parts. The trunk is very light so will give the shadowed side some more thought without rushing into it.

For those that wonder if I am using white pastel, the answer is no. I do not use pure white in my work. I do love the Art Spectrum Australian Grey for my lightest lights on the tree trunks. I will also sneak a few other interesting colours in just to vary it and admit to trying out new colours to see if they work and if they do, they stay.

Sigh!!! I just dropped a heap of pastels that I have for back-up stock. Lets just say that dropping soft pastels from a hight of 30 cm (12"), I now have a lot more pieces than I originally had.....grrrrrr!

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Rita said...

I'm eager to see how this turns out Susan. I've got to ask, is there any particular reason you chose to work on the burgundy Colourfix? (as opposed to a green, brown, etc.)

Susan Borgas said...

Rita the colour was chosen because it will be complimentary to the 'greens' throughout the work without being overpowering. I have used the dark blue in the past for this area (Southern Flinders) but felt that it would leave the work on the cool side, which I don' want. Brown toned paper is a favourite of mine for the Central Flinders as the area does have a lot of reds in the mountains and surrounding soil. Back in the Southern Flinders it tends to lean more towards the blues and purples along with rich dark soils. Hope this answers your question. :-D

Lisa B. said...

I keep both black and white in their own special area, and then keep that covered up so I don't see it. If I don't see them, I hopefully won't use them.

Besides, I have enough light colors that I can't distinguish from white to use anyway!

Susan Borgas said...

Lisa I have found black and the white sticks handy for mixing my own colours. I do collect the pastel dust at the base of my work, which is always greyed off from so many colours collected. Sometimes it is handy to darken or lighten by grinding down the black or the white into this collect pastel dust. I have even purchased white sticks for this purpose alone. ;-D

Michael Bridges said...

Hi Susan, I ran across your blog a few of weeks ago and I must say I like your art. I really like your "Art in progress" series on your Squidoo. I have an art blog at and I was wondering if you would be interested in trading links. I do surreal and comic book character paintings. Let me know what you think.

Susan Borgas said...

Michael thanks so much and I must say your own work is quite fascinating and so different to what I do. I particularly liked the "Bird Watcher"

Now onto the link exchange: I am all for link exchanges although there is a but, as I don't list them on Arts & Stuff. Check out Sue's Blog Links for my Link Exchange, which is linked from this blog. Have a look and see what you think and please take note of how this exchange works. I will leave your link up for a few days and if I don't see mine in return because you find it not to your liking, I will then remove it. Cheers!

leslyf said...

Lovely work ... I am wrestling with the need to get my pastels out again. Maybe I will get to in soon.

And this is to let you know that you have been tagged you HERE! Hope you will come out to play!

Susan Borgas said...

LOL..... I have already play that one and will put your name up on the post..... this tag stuff really spreads like wildfire! :D

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