Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Water's Path - Willochra Creek "WIP"

Work is 47.5cm high x 68cm wide.
Burgundy Art Spectrum Colourfix

Working on a large oil painting I found that I am having withdrawals from my pastels so while I wait for paint to set some more I thought I would start a Wip.

I started this one by finding my lightest lights (as I usually do with pastels) and my darkest darks. The darks I normally don’t find all of them at this point of my work but found after working with my latest oil painting, which I used the grisaille method, I am much more aware of the tones. I recommend a grisaille to anyone that has trouble identifying tones in their work.

The taller eucalyptus tree on the right wasn’t positioned very well as it was dead centre. I knew this before sketching onto the paper and moved the tree across on what is hopefully a much better position. It will also allow the eye to travel through to the background taking away the feeling of being trapped when viewing the painting.

Golly I can't stop yawning...... I do find pastelling so relaxing and could crawl up in a corner somewhere and have a snooze but instead I will go and cook the evening meal for hubby and I....cheers for now!

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Katherine said...

Nice start - it's really interesting to see how you start these as I'm never this restrained!

I've highlighted your blog on today's blog post abou the Pastel Journal's new blog

Susan Borgas said...

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so restrained but alas can never break away from it! LOL

I saw your post last night and now do have the Pastel Journal listed in my feeds as I think it could be very interesting to follow.

Also thanks for highlighting my blog Katherine. It is a bit uncanny how I happen to be starting a pastel Wip at this time; it worked out well.