Monday, May 07, 2007

Wendy Prior Original and it's all mine :D

The Bay - 8 x 10 inches in coloured pencil on drafting film -
Copyright Wendy Prior

Doesn't this coloured pencil work add some class to my blog? I just wish I could say that I did this work myself because eyeballing the original that turned up by snail mail today just blows me away. I emailed the artist of this work Wendy Prior for permission to post her image to my blog, which she generously said yes.

How I came about buying this work, Wendy's decided to have a major clean out with a studio Sale. This post is where I saw "The Bay" and promptly made a purchase.

Looking at the image on my graphics monitor and comparing it to the original I can truly recommend purchasing Wendy's work from her website because the reproduction is spot on. I am astonished with the fine pencil work that she uses and know that I am going to learn so much from this piece.

Thank you Wendy for the opportunity to buy one of your original works. biggrin

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