Thursday, June 21, 2007


A number of months back I received a phone call from a lady to book a date for an outing for a group to visit my gallery and studio. A presentation by myself about what I do as an artist also would be included.

Today was the day the ladies turned up armed with a lovely afternoon tea. I had a great time with these visitors answering many questions that had me forgetting how it was a cold and drizzly day outdoors.

While waiting for the group to turn up I sat at my studio window staring at this plant outside in my garden and started to sketch it. Just as well I did or I may not have posted here today, which would make me feel guilty considering I won't be posting for the next few days. Malcolm (hubby) and I are heading to the city tomorrow to catch up with family & friends plus I do have a meeting to attend in the Big Smoke. Oh and shopping as well! biggrin

Until my return, please don't forget me. wink

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Katherine said...

I could make remarks about sciving but instead I send best wishes to your purse and credit cards!

Danie Ferris said...

Hello Susan, I have a friend with a new art blog at "Art Now" - also I would like to swap links with you on your blogroll on my blog
"It's Only Art? - Dan

Susan Borgas said...

Danie that is a very interesting link and will watch that blog closely to see how it develops over time.

As to the blogroll link the best I can offer you is a link on my Sue’s Blog Links. If you would like me to do that, just leave a comment on Sue’s Blog Links and I will add you to the link list.

Susan Borgas said...

Katherine wait until August and September of this year; you will think I have well and truly deserted my blogs when I head off into the wide blue yonder with a trip up into the centre of Australia as well as a stint as artist in residence with an exhibition that I am involved with each year.

After the last few days my poor credit card nearly needed to be resuscitated. LOL!