Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vincent van Gogh's Letters

Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh, Etten, September 1881
Attribution: WebExhibits

Letters from the old masters always fascinate me, especially when the author has used sketches to illustrate these wonderful pieces of history. The following is a short excerpt from this letter.

Dear Theo,

Though it is only a short time since I wrote to you, I have something more to tell you now.

For there has been a change in my drawings, both in the way I set about them and in the results.

Also, as a consequence of some of the things Mauve told me, I have started working with live models again. Luckily I have been able to get several people to sit here for me, including Piet Kaufman, the labourer.

To see more about this letter visit this page to view illustrations along with what Vincent van Gogh wrote to Theo van Gogh. Want more to read? Click on the previous or next link near the top right of that website. Also there is a Topic List here that you can visit.

This post was always going to be made after I have read many of the letters myself but time as usual is always against me so rather than not sharing decided to make this entry now. If you haven't seen these letters before I hope you do enjoy them.

Also I have posted three photos on my SnapShots blog from my recent trip up North where I grew up. There will be more images posted over the next few days so watch out for them on SnapShots, especially if you are curious about the Australian bush in less populated areas.

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René said...

I think you forgot a link:

Vincent v. Gogh museum Holland.

Btw. Thank you so much for you
kind comment, I try to take my
time although some thing's take
sooo long to heal :-(

Anyway, I gonna link you at my
weblog if you don't mind?!

Susan Borgas said...

Cool! Some more reading for us with that link René. :D

Yes healing has its own clock and with it patience can test us.

Thanks for the link and I am off now to add yours to my 'link blog'.

For those that have not yet found my 'link blog', pop over to http://sueslinks.blogspot.com/ and check out the artists who are listed.