Saturday, June 16, 2007

Water's Path - Willochra Creek "WIP" nine

Anyone would think I have fleas as I am now at the stage of the painting that I do a lot of head scratching from my brain going into overload, as I think about how and where I lay my pastel strokes. Most of these marks consist of vertical and horizontal application to mimic water reflections. Also some of the vertical lines are squiggled onto the paper to give the impression that the water has subtle movement to it.

For the most part water reflections are darker than the object that it reflects. This is also true with transparent water. What we see under water in nature is darker and murkier which makes edges of what we see softer and not so dominant. The values will actually be very similar if not mostly the same. It is the colour of the object that makes it seem lighter when laid against another because if we were to squint at what we see under water, the values would be generally the same. If I get my values correct we should be able to see transparent water, reflections and shadow across this water.

Sorry if I am confusing you as what I consider I know in my own head isn't something I find easy to write down.

I think there is going to be a lot more head scratching over the next day or so to really nail this work. rolleyes

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Mary said...

Susan, this is looking so beautiful. You are a master of landscapes. I had no idea it was pastel. I will be back to learn a lot from you.

Bart said...

Thinking out loudly:

I was wondering about the light tree to the right of the viewer, and it's reflection in the water. Is it possible to see both this reflection so clear and bright AND the stones under water?
It is something that often crosses my mind. When you look and focus on one thing you can't see the other thing sharp and well. Like when looking at the clouds in the sky and looking at the trees. But what to do when painting?

harriett said...

This is beautiful work - I am enjoying seeing the transformation. You have a talent for making the mundane beautiful.

Susan Borgas said...

Mary I have often had my pastel work mistaken for oils. :D

Bart I am smiling at your comment because you have picked my first (large tree on right) and second (water reflection)focal point in the painting. Also as much as I try to knock some of the realism out of my work I have come to accept that I doubt it will ever happen. LOL! I like what you have said though as it gives food for thought for anyone that is reading my blog that may not be a realist painter as myself and wondering what path they should take. Thanks! :D

Harriett thanks so much, I am very lucky to live in an area that inspires me to paint these scenes.

ReviewSaurus said...

I'm not the biggest art lover, and I can't find out the details but I can appreciate the good work :)

Hey Susan, this landscape is soooooooo beautiful, I don't have words to express that how cool it looks!

Susan Borgas said...

ReviewSaurus thanks for your visit and kind words. It is nice to know that I am striking a chord with non-artists. :D