Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Arts and Stuff Carnival - June 13, 2007

Welcome to the June 13, 2007 edition of arts and stuff carnival.

Art Creativity

artThailand presents Don?t you just love Marilyn Monroe? posted at artThailand, saying,

"As reported by the BBC it seems that modern and contemporary art prices continue to rise at almost bubble like rates. The auction record for post-war art was smashed twice in one night just a few days ago."

Christopher Scholl presents New places. New photographs. posted at Photographer's, saying,

"Finding photographic inspiration through travel."

Miscellaneous Art

Krystian presents My wallpapers and others posted at Krystians life in Britain.

Joe Szymanski presents Photography 2.0 posted at Photography and Art, Mostly..., saying,

"What does this hold in store for the practice of photography, and what does it mean for those of us who make a living with a camera?"

Samir Bharadwaj presents The Road to Fujairah posted at

Miscellaneous Subjects

Karen Halls
presents Lindsay Lohan’s Affect on Her Generation-- Addiction Recovery Blog posted at Addiction Recovery Blog.

Neela Menon presents Well Done, Director! posted at One Hundred Years of Solitude.

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Imaginif... said...

Hi Susan
just a reminder about the Carnival of Australia too. Submissions are due by Mon 18th June.
Let's get the Aussie Art shining through.

Susan Borgas said...

You will by now have received my submitted article to that Carnival. You may notice a typo error where a letter is left off in the title. Rather than re-submitting the article with the correction I will mention it here in the hope that you read and correct it. I do wish the 'enter' key didn't submit articles when missing the 'shift' key for caps, because that is what happened. Cheers!

Vyoma said...

Hi Susan,

I would like to contribute to the next edition. I already have a blog on art:

I am not very sure how I have to submit for this. (I belive it is for 12-Jul). And will there be a theme for the next edition. Is there anything specific you are looking for?

(You can contact me if you want to).

Susan Borgas said...

Vyoma go to you will see what my carnival is about. In this post if you take a look at my carnival banner/logo you will also see 'Submit Post'. That will take you to my carnival as well.

Until more artist get involved I am lenient with what I will post. You will see a Category drop down menu when you click on the submitting page. When you fill in the details , if something important is missing the page will not submit the carnival to me. You will need to check that you have the details that are required. Make sure you leave a 'blurb' in the remarks box so that I can post that in my carnival because it will encourage my readers to click on your link.

In time I do hope that more artist take advantage of submitting a post to my carnival because it is a good way to promote articles from their blog.

Vyoma said...

Thank you Susan.

I submitted a post.

There is a little correction for the 'Remarks'. I have sent you a mail on that.

Susan Borgas said...

I have taken note of your email and will add that to your link. Thanks for participating because it helps to make an interesting carnival. Cheers!