Monday, June 18, 2007

Making a Mark

Making a Mark is increasingly making her mark! Katherine Tyrrell is no stranger to many online artists although just in case someone has missed her blog or even her latest post do check it out BUT first make a cup of coffee or whatever else you prefer because you will be in for some reading.

Each Sunday Katherine is going to try and publish a round-up of links to interesting blog posts and web articles that she has visited in the previous week. This will be flexible as she does have a lot of other commitments with her own projects but wow I am sure we are going to see more interesting links that we may have otherwise missed, not forgetting that Katherine's post are always rich with links; a wealth of information is this artist!

Thanks Katherine! I know I am one that will be looking forward to your weekly round-up.

Quick links:

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Katherine said...

Thanks Susan - much appreciated.

I do try to get around lots of blogs (even if I don't always leave lots of comments ;) ) but I'm also keen for people to alert me to interesting posts I may have missed!

Susan Borgas said...

Your welcome!:D