Monday, June 04, 2007

Desktop Sketch

The only thing that I have done that is creative in the last couple of days is this five minute sketch over a coffee break because I have been busy working in the office. Do I dare say it.... I hate GST bookwork! I know I know; I'm always saying that!eviltwisted

The odd thing about this sketch, I wasn't in the office when putting pencil to paper and ended up with a desktop that is nothing like my own. Maybe is is my wishful thinking workspace.

Well there are some lovely comments to reply to on my blogs before my next stint in the office so I had better get on with it.

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harriett said...

"Oh the tangled web we weave . . . " just to be able to get to our art - I really know where you are coming from!

Susan Borgas said...

Yes I often think only an artist would know and understand these things...chuckle