Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lover of My Soul

Music plays a big role when I am working in my studio. Sometimes I will have the volume turned up with the room jumping with the sound of music and song in my studio. Yesterday was not one of those days; I was looking for something relaxing to play.

At these times I like listening to the acclaimed harpist Carol McClure playing hymns and worship songs on a Cd called "Lover of My Soul". Even for those that are not particularly religious would enjoy the soothing sounds of this cd.

Once the music had started I settle down to do this sketch because my mind seem to be pulled into different directions that I couldn't concentrate on the pastel that I am working on. The sketch isn't about trying to do a perfect drawing but more about making marks on paper without thought of how or what this line should be doing. Once done I was much more relaxed and able to concentrate on my pastel painting.

Do you ever find that you really have to push yourself to work as an artist because you lack inspiration and drive and if so what do you do to get your muse back?

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harriett said...

It's good to know I'm not alone - there are times when I get stuck and can't seem to bring myself to put a line on that scary white surface. Music helps get me kick-started. It helps to get out of the studio and go for a walk or out for ice cream. Sometimes you just have to leave it alone & come back to it another day.

Susan Borgas said...

Yum.... like the idea of going for some ice cream ;-)

I have a group of people visiting today to see what I do here in my studio/gallery. They are sure to inject more enthusiasm and energy into me. :D

Lisa B. said...

I go through spells. I'll get lots done for a while, and then my mind just goes blank. I've been doing more sketchbook drawing to keep my budding hand/eye coordination from departing altogether while I decide on a topic for the next pastel.

Susan Borgas said...

Yes it is so important to keep that hand and eye coordination going. The group of people that visited yesterday did give me a much needed boost so hopefully by the time I get back home from the city (yesterdays post), I will be ready to attack and finish work that I have started on.... which I need to do because the work is for a major exhibition that I am involved with...Yikes!.